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Aside From The Apocalypse  by  Marcus Holborn

Aside From The Apocalypse by Marcus Holborn
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When Andreus Spillotano walks into a derelict London tower block his life changes forever. Washed up, suicidal and on the brink of losing his mind, the one time award winning journalist gambles on the far fetched dreams of two young squatters he finds hiding out in the tower blocks penthouse.Its a choice that sees him embark on a journey that not only offers him the chance of his own redemption, but leads him to unearth a conspiracy behind a war that has led to the collapse of democracy throughout Europe.What follows is a desperate battle of wits as he and his young associates fight their way across a decimated landscape with the might of a newly formed Government hunting them at every turn.The novel is set in the near future following a global war that has all but decimated much of the planet leaving major cities under the rule of a tyrannical government.It charts the journey of a young couple and a boy they have rescued as they escape the restrictions of New London and search for a legendary Guru they believe holds the answers to a better way of life.The story is told through the eyes and experiences of Andreus Spillotano, a journalist the young couple persuade to join them after his life falls apart.Aside From The Apocalypse is a story of spiritual discovery and human courage in the face of great hardship and adversity.It focuses on the great danger our planet could face should the wrong person gain too much power and influence in a world where, as we are witnessing today, political power is becoming increasingly centralized.

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